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GPS Telematics Malaysia - A Division Of IntelliTrac Australia

GPS Tracking For Company vehicles, Plant & Equipment, Mining, Transport, Insurance Telematics, Small Business, Corporate, Government
Customised SolutionsCloud software for organisations with mobile staff.
Scaleable From Small Business to Corporate & Government

GPS Track

Know the location of your vehicles, machinery and staff at all times. Allocate urgent jobs to the closest staff member, increase productivity, efficiency, customer service, saftey and security.


Replay journeys to analyze travelling patterns and routes taken. Monitor inefficient routes, fleet crossover paths, deliveries outside allocated areas and more. Show your drivers when they are not taking best route.


Receive "Pop up" alerts and emails for Service Due, Poor Driving Behaviour, Vehicle operating outside allowable area and times, Refrigerated Goods Temperature out of range, Fuel theft, SOS, and more.


Customise & Generate Fleet Activity Reports & graphs such as Daily Activity Report, Stop time & location, Journey time & distance, Time spent at each customer location, Driving behaviour analysis & many more.


GPS Telematics Malaysia software is a cloud based software platform and Smart Device App. Log in from anywhere via the internet to GPS track and monitor your vehicles, assets and staff. Generate reports, action alerts and more.

Live Tracking Where are they now?
Replay Journeys Where have they been
Generate Reports Improve Efficiency
Receive Alerts Security & Safety
Service Reminders Minimise down time
Plan Routes Save Travelling Time
Driving Behaviour Predict Accidents, Wear and Tear
Work Times Reduce Paperwork

What They Said About Us

The person I had to sell on the idea of ipads and software was a 67 year old, and to be honest I wasn't optimistic because he's a pen and scrappy paper type of person.

He said to me today:-
"I couldn't live without i-Dispatch"
Sharon: Stinky Bins
IntelliTrac helps me organise my jobs & staff to ensure we can achieve an outstanding level of service for our commercial & residential clients. Taking of photos, signatures & recording work hours is seamless. Importing our data into MYOB for record keeping is great!
Tony: Froggi

IntelliTrac and i-Dispatch suits transport, trades and service based industries including:- Transport, Couriers, Plumbers, Electricians, Airconditioning & refrigeration services, IT Services, Waste Management, Health Care, Taxi & Limousines, Transport & Couriers, Cleaners, Sercurity Guards and more. Contact us and see how we can help your business become more efficient.

Efficiency Improvement Index

  • Reduce Fuel Costs
  • Reduce Overtime Cost
  • Increase Security
  • Reduce Travelling Time
  • Improve Customer Service

Business Intelligence At Your Finger Tips - Growing Your Business

IntelliTrac Software includes an easy to use dashboard providing the ability to quickly locate all vehicles, receive alerts, and generate management reports in real time. It gives you a wealth of information and KPIs at your fingertips including:-

  • Live Tracking of all vehicles, Staff, Plant & Equipment
  • Journey Replay
  • Security & Safety Alerts
  • Poor Driving Behaviour Alerts
  • Journey Time & Distance Reports
  • Stop Time & Location Reports
  • Customer Service Reports
  • Vehicle Due For Service Reports
  • Vehicle Operating Outside Hours Report & Alert
  • Vehicle Operating Outside Alloawable Area Alert & Report
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