GPS Tracking Solutions for Rental Operators

A complete range for the rental industry

IntelliTrac provides a range of GPS tracking devices for car, truck, trailer & machinery rental operators ranging from the "Edge" range of basic GPS Trackers to top of the range "Elite" GPS Telematics devices.

IntelliTrac GPS Trackers are able to accurately monitor location, usage, distance traveled and engine hour meters, thus providing security, rental billing evidence and proactive service alerts.

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GPS Telematics Tracking Rental Operations Solutions
IntelliTrac Elite Top of the range GPS Telematics Device

"IntelliTrac Elite" GPS Tracker
"Rental Operations Edition"

IntelliTrac's Elite IT300 "Rental Operations Edition" is the 4th generation flagship GPS Tracker by IntelliTrac. With cutting edge technology & functionality, the Elite sets the benchmark in the industry with its IP66 rating combined with high end functionality, scaleability & flexibility well beyond any other product in the market.

  •   Monitor rental hours of use or distance traveled
  •   Alerts for excessive speeding or leaving authorised areas
  •   Record engine hours, distance travelled & fuel tank levels daily & upon return
  •   Record machine Service/Inspection activity, works done, parts used
  •   Maintenance, Repair & Downtime Statistics
  •   Maintenance & Service Costs Register

Live GPS Data
Anywhere Anytime

  • Activity Reports

  • A comprehensive range of activity, & utilisation reports including analytics dashboards

  • Activity Replay

  • View single or multiple machine activity replays for any date & time range, including speed, PTO usage, events & other selectable data, including floats to & from sites

  • Alerts

  • Create, Receive & Claim any alerts instananeously, making you immediately aware of any important issues happening in the field, such as unauthorised usage or floats or simply being notified for services being due to excessive fuel usage.

  • Live Tracking

  • View rental vehicle & equipment locations, updated every 30 seconds or less, and control lockout & shutdown as required.

Live GPS Data
In The Office

IntelliTrac Hawk Dashboard
  • Software that improves your bottom line

    Our dashboards and reports help you validate machine usage, billing and accountability between yourself and clients, allowing you to analyse machine utilisation data to maximise rental revenues and your bottom line.

  • Focusing on your business

    By knowing where & how your vehicles and machines are being utilised at any time, you can prove billable rental periods, and analyse utilisation to shift assets to locations where they are best utilised due to higher rental demands.

  • Immediate Savings

    Reduce maintenance costs and operational costs by remote telematics readings of fuel tank levels and service requirements. Review utilisation to determine under utilised assets and make informed decision to relocate or dispose.

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Advanced Telematics

Fuel Level Software

Our range of fuel tank level sensors as well as existing construction equipment fuel level sensors may be integrated into the IntelliTrac Elite range of products to monitor fuel tank levels.

IntelliTrac's advanced software is able to monitor & alert on fuel tank levels and calculate approximate fuel usage per hour as well as monitor for detections in rapid fuel level drops indicating fuel theft.

IntelliTrac Fuel Sensor
IntelliTrac Fuel Sensor Analysis

Fuel Level Analysis

Data Analytics tools are also available to monitor fuel tank levels, flow meters and other connected peripherals in up to 4 tanks utilising 1 IntelliTrac Elite GPS Tracking &Telematics Device.

Accurate Service Records

Accurate Service Records are made easy with IntelliTrac's Fleet Service Manager Module.

  •   Record issues reported by operators during pre-start checks
  •   Record issues reported by Telematics Engine Management Interface
  •   Record machine repair & service dates
  •   Record machine Service/Inspection activity, works done, parts used
  •   Maintenance, Repair & Downtime Statistics
  •   Maintenance & Service Costs Register
IntelliTrac Fleet Servicing and Maintenance Records


IntelliTrac Fleet Servicing and Maintenance Plans

Electronic Logbook Services & Check Lists

IntelliTrac's advanced fleet servicing module provides the following additional levels of functionality:

  •   Pre- Alert when service due, allowing management to arrange machine servicing prior to service expiry
  •   Service Schedule definition of parts required at each service such as filters, oils and other fluids, spark plugs etc. so that internal workshops are able to ensure parts are in stock in time for service
  •   Service Schedule definition of machine checks required at each service so that internal workshops are able to ensure availablilty of any adhoc parts such as brakes, clutches, tyres which may be required are readily available on the day of service.
IntelliTrac Output Controls

Remote Controlling
Vehicles and Assets

Imagine being able to monitor analog and digital sensors in vehicles such as door openings, beacons, oil pressure transducers, fuel tank level sensors, Flocon triggers, sweeper brooms, mower blades operations, grader operation
or being able to automatically or remotely contol engine immobilisation, hydraulics, door locking and unlocking. The options are endless with IntelliTrac.

Choosing The Right
GPS Telematics Device

IntelliTrac Elite Tracker


Top Of The Range

IntelliTrac Elite is a professionally installed IP66 water and dust resistant device, providing advanced options such as towing protection, accurate calculation of engine hours & the ability to connect to up to 3 PTO circuits or read fuel tank sensors as well as remotely shut down machines and hydraulics.

IntelliTrac Edge Basic GPS Tracker


Entry Level

IntelliTrac Edge is a miniature professionally installed entry level GPS Tracker providing live tracking, reporting & alerts as required by most small to medium business operators wanting simple GPS tracking and visibility of machine usage.A backup battery is included for additional piece of mind.

IntelliTrac Eclipse GPS Tracker


Medium Sized Business

IntelliTrac Eclipse is our medium range GPS Tracker providing the ability to monitor one PTO and remotely shutdown one circuit such as starter motor. Suitable for organisations wanting a little more functionality than provided in the "Edge" product line such as towing/unauthorised float protection.

IntelliTrac GPS Rental Tracking Solutions
Three Models To Choose From

Feature Elite Edge Eclipse
Part No./SKU IT300 G20CC IT10
Dimensions (L x W x H): 115: 75: 32 mm 88(L) ×43.0(W) ×13.0(H) mm 60(W) x 27(H) x 77(D) (mm)
Weight 150g 60g 60(W) x 27(H) x 77(D) (mm)
GPS Receiver 66 Channels A-GPS & Glonass with dead reckoning 66 Channel Ublox 66 Channels A-GPS & Glonass
Frequency 3G 4GLTE & others 2G NZ/ 3G 4GLTE AU & others 3G 4GLTE & others
Power 8V to 35V 9V to 40V 8V to 35V
Power Consumption Active <90mA <150mA <150mA
Power Consumption Standby <10mA <19mA <55mA
Power Consumption Sleep <4mA <8mA <8mA
Backup Battery 1100mA LiPo 3.7V 400mA LiPo 3.7V 1100mA LiPo 3.7V
Configuration Port USB UART USB
Memory 4MB Flash 1MB Flash 4MB Flash
Accelerometer Built In Tri-axial None Built In Tri-axial
Blackbox Recorder 15k to 100k Events None 100,000 Events
Blackbox Sampling 1 Second None 1 Second
GSM Outage Store & Forward Buffer 15k to 100k Events 1,000 Events 100,000 Events
Operating Temp -20 to +65 deg C -20 to +65 deg C -20 to +65 deg C
GPS Position Updates Configurable 1 sec to 65565 sec Configurable 30 sec Configurable Time and/or Distance and/or Change of Direction
Realtime Clock Compensate Loss of GPS
GPS Bounce inaccuracy filtering
Sim Pin Setting
Over The Air Configuration
Over The Air Firmware Updates
RoHS Compliant
CE Compliant
FCC Certified
Aus A-Tick & C-Tick
Malaysia Sirim Approval
Indonesia Type Approval
Vehicle Battery Disconnect Warning
Vehicle Battery Connect Notification
Vehicle Battery Low Voltage Warning
Vehicle Battery Voltage Recharged Notification
GPS Tracker Unplugged Warning
GPS Tracker Plugged In Notification
GPS Tracker Battery Low Warning
GPS Tracker Battery Recharged Notification
Smart Power Management Modes
Daily Health Check Reporting
3 Times Per Day Reporting Regardless Of Use
Monitor Speed
Alert Excessive Speed
GPS Odometer
GPS Odometer Accuracy Filtering
Vehicle Towed Detection
Fuel Consumption Monitoring Optional with CanBus
RPM Monitoring Optional with CanBus
Excessive RPM Alerts Optional with CanBus
Engine Coolant Temperature Monitoring Optional with CanBus
Engine Trouble Code Alert Optional with CanBus
Query Engine Trouble Codes Remotely Optional with CanBus

IntelliTrac GPS Tracking
Software Features

IntelliTrac software is available as a fully responsive browser based PC web app, iOS App and Android App

Feature Elite Edge Eclipse
Number of Software Users Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Software Security Username & Password Username & Password Username & Password
Software Privileges User, Power User, Power User Plus, Superuser, Administrator User, Power User, Power User Plus, Superuser, Administrator User, Power User, Power User Plus, Superuser, Administrator
Allocation of software privileges to each user
Allocation of day time login privilges to each user
Allocation of date time reporting & viewing privileges to each user
After hours privacy mode setting
Manual allocation of operators to machinery
Automated app based allocation of operators to machinery
RFID Tag or Card Swipe allocation of operators to machinery
Operator data tables including licencing requirements
Operator incident/infringement register
Machine make, model, year, reg, vin data register
Custom Machinery data fields
Machinery Service data and alerts
Fuel Card Usage reporting
Live tracking multi machinery
Live tracking one machine per map window
Single Machine Activity Replay
Multi Machine Activity Replay
Journey Report
Stop time report
Working hours report
After hours usage report
Excessive Idle Reporting
Activity within geofence report
Alert Wizard
Pop Up alerts on software
Email Alerts
SMS alerts via 3rd party email to sms converter (Additional cost)
Push notifications via 3rd party Pushover app(additional cost)
Alert Configuration Manager
Operator behaviour reporting
Operator behaviour fleet leader board
Excessive RPM Alerts Optional CanBus
Fuel Consumption Reports Optional CanBus
Estimated Fuel Consumption Reports
Custom Report builder
Report Email Scheduler
Online Training Manual
Online Training Video
RPM Monitoring Optional CanBus
Customisable Dynamic Trend Analysis Dashboard
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