Street Sweeping GPS Telematics Solutions

GPS Tracking Street Sweepers

IntelliTrac provides a complete turn key solution for the street sweeping industry ranging from local government applications through to commercial services. The solution is based on the following components including: IntelliTrac's Elite GPS Tracker coupled to IntelliTrac's Driver RFID System and Mobile Data Terminal utilising IntelliTrac Hawk MDT app for logging of issues such as pot holes, blocked drains etc., route optimisation, navigation, messaging, urgent unscheduled sweeping dispatch, pre start check lists and more.

In addition the solution may be integrated to IntelliTrac's Mobile Digital Video Recording System to provide up to 30 days recording of up to 8 cameras and provide live streaming and video capture of any incidences logged via the data terminal such as pot holes, blocked drains, overhanging trees etc.

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GPS Telematics Tracking Street Sweeping Solutions

The total solution provides live tracking, journey replay showing broom activity as well as providing a range of dashboards and reports to assist in route planning and optimisation as well as performance monitoring, work dispatch such as urgent sweeping & cleanup requests and much more.
IntelliTrac GIS departments work closely with local government to integrate GIS kerb and channel data as well as road attribute data to provide meaningful reporting to council.

IntelliTrac Elite Top of the range GPS Telematics Device

"IntelliTrac Elite" GPS Tracker
"Street Sweeping Edition"

IntelliTrac's Elite IT300 "Street Sweeping Edition" is the 4th generation flagship telematics device by IntelliTrac. With cutting edge technology & functionality, the Elite sets the benchmark in the industry with functionality, scaleability & flexibility well beyond any other product in the market.
Providing all standard telematics functionality such as live GPS tracking, historical journey replay, and acivity reporting, "Elite" is further excelled by its ability to interface with Mobile Data Terminals, RFID readers, Video Recording Systems , Vehicle Scales as well as interfacing to brooms and vacuum PTO to provide sweeping feedback to drivers and meaningful reporting.

Hawk MDT Street Sweeping App

Hawk MDT Street Sweeping Solution is a powerful, Scalable & easily customisable App with features such as:

  • Logging of city infrastructure issues such as pot holes, blocked drains etc.
  • Incomming and outgoing messaging with quick response icons
  • Snail Trail or Turn By Turn Navigation for new or contracted staff
  • Pre-Start Check Lists
  • Icons to trigger video recording & live streaming of configured events
  • Urgent Job Dispatch and Navigation
  • Driver alerts when approaching critical areas, with on screen information
  • Driver alerts when exceeding effective sweeping speeds
  • Mass Management and logging of tip dockets
  • Logging Shifts & Rest Breaks
Street Sweeper  Mobile Data Terminal
IntelliTrac Street Sweeper Video Recording

Mobile Digital Video Recorder

IntelliTrac's Mobile Digital Video Recorders integrate into the IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Telematics Device and Mobile Data Terminal to provide a complete solution for street sweeping comprising of the following features:

  • Connect up to 8 cameras in HD 1920 x 1080 resolution
  • Recording up to 30 days of video onto SSD
  • Live video streaming to IntelliTrac software on demand
  • Configurable in cabin video display screen with switching for reverse, bin lift etc.
  • Interface to MDT to trigger video snippets and send to IntelliTrac server when city infrastructure mantenance events are logged
  • Optional voice recording
  • GPS & 4G LTE enabled
  • Igntion controlled power management modes
  • Speed & Accelerometer recording

Back Office Functionality

Managers and Customer Service staff have a comprehensive software suite to efficiently manage operations

  • Live GPS Tracking showing broom activity
  • Live Video Streaming
  • Historical Journey Replay showing broom activity
  • Easy Customer Service Queries. Eg: "When was my street last swept?"
  • Reporting & Dashboards. Distance Swept, Hours Worked, Distances Traveled etc.
  • Route Planning & Optimisation
  • GIS Interfaces for reporting against kerb and channel data and road attributes
  • Work order generation - Repair Pot Holes etc.
  • Defining areas requiring special attention during autumn etc.

"No more scrappy paper maps, run sheets, pre-start notepads, missing tip dockets, or two way radio calls between office & drivers."

IntelliTrac Street Sweeper Replay Journey
IntelliTrac Waste Management Solution Notifying drivers of special addresses

Simplifying Driver Tasks

IntelliTrac's Street Sweeping Solutions simply driver tasks to improve efficiency, accountability and customer service:

  • Route selection & navigation guidance for new or contracted drivers
  • Alerting drivers when areas require special attention
  • Alerting drivers when exceeding effective sweeping speeds
  • Electronic recording of tip dockets
  • Electronic Pre-Start check lists

Exception Alerts & Defect Reporting

Any exceptions and defects such as pot holes, street lights out, blocked drains etc. are recorded by drivers with the simple press of an icon on the mobile data terminal menu.

Information including:
  • Date and Time
  • Address
  • Truck and Driver Information
  • Event Information
  • 10 seconds of video from one or more cameras
is immediately transmitted to the IntelliTrac software for viewing or raising a work orders.
IntelliTrac Video Alerts
IntelliTrac Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming On Demand

IntelliTrac's Mobile Digital Video Recorder provides the following live streaming options:

  • Live Video Stream up to 4 cameras at once
  • Stream up to 4 cameras from one vehicle
  • Stream selected cameras from up to 4 vehicles at once

Actual Vs Scheduled Performance

Working together with local government GIS departments IntelliTrac is able to provide the following functionality:

  • Upload Council GIS Data of kerb and channel data, road type & attributes
  • Street Sweeping route planning, scheduling and optimisation
  • Review of route prior to deploying to mobile data terminals
  • Calculation of routes and work load balancing over the fleet
  • Reporting actual Vs scheduled sweeping
IntelliTrac Sweeping Actual Vs Scheduled

"No more scrappy paper job cards, notepads, sms messages & 2 way radio chats or phone calls between office & drivers."

IntelliTrac Bizzow Field Service Software


"With Bizzow, you can schedule and manage commercial street sweeping, dispatch to drivers, and improve customer service."

Commercial Street Sweeping

Customise your own waste management operations software by implementing CRM, Rostering, Scheduling, Job Dispatch & GPS Tracking all in one solution.
Bizzow web & smart phone/tablet apps offer the ability to customise commercial street sweeping solutions to suit individual requirements.
Our comprehensive solution includes many modules such as CRM, Scheduling, Rostering, Job Allocation &Tracking, Invoicing, Quoting Tools, Stock & Billable items as well as customisable Forms for WHS/HSE, Compliance & Quality Control.
With Bizzow you will be able to provide sweeper drivers clear information and instructions regarding their sweeping tasks & work locations including navigation.

Bizzow Your Own Commercial Street Sweeping Solution

IntelliTrac Apps

Bizzow Building Blocks

Clients CRM

Need to capture your client data? The Bizzow Client function is super easy to use. Unlimited custom fields and advanced groupings enable the recording & organisation of your client data. Unlock additional features by enabling Bizzow Contacts and Bizzow Jobs.

Contacts CRM

Bizzow is a great place to store all your contacts. Using Bizzow Contacts helps you keep track of the people who mean the most to you, Your Customers! By optimising the way we store contacts we have eliminated the need for double entry. Additional features are unlocked when used with Bizzow Client and Bizzow Job..


Get a quick overview of your business! Here you can access some summary data from Bizzow, to see what is happening in your business today.


Keep track of what needs to be done & for who. Create task lists for internal staff or extend with Bizzow Clients to notify your remote staff on the job’s location. Bizzow jobs helps you to keep track of work to be done for clients as well as tasks to be completed around your own business.


Bizzow Scheduler makes organising your work easy. Schedule Job’s & Tasks with our simple to use drag & drop interface. Need to reschedule a job? Easy just drag it to another time slot or set a job to recur. View work load by user, Day, Week, Month or even Agenda. See who is doing what when with our easy to read colour keys.


Work Flows enable a business to set up a consequence for an action - for example when a job is completed send an SMS & email. You set up the workflows that are important to your business and it happens automatically.

Invoices & Quotes

Create Invoices & Quotes in the office or in the field. Customise your own branded invoices & quotes. Bizzow provides various customisable templates, to promote special offers or seasons of the year. Clients will be amazed at how your invoices & quotes, represent your brand.

Notification Hub

Notification Hubs used in conjunction with workflows allows you to receive desktop notifications about anything which is important to you. What woud you like to know? A job has been finished? A form has been completed? A data import has ended? A vehicle has arrived at its job site, or An employee has finished their assigned task?


The Documents plugin allows the account holder to capture photos and signatures on glass against jobs & tasks. What a great feature to add a layer of validation to your jobs in the field!

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