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"IntelliTrac Did What The Others Promised"

IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Telematics Apps

"IntelliTrac came in at the right price"

  "I highly recommend you contact IntelliTrac"

"It transformed my small business"

After being fed up with cheap GPS Trackers from the accessory shop we contacted IntelliTrac and discovered the price was not so different.
As a small business we just wanted to track our vehicles as cheaply as possible.
We just wanted to know where our staff were and improve security for our vehicles.
But then a series of events encouraged us to take up IntelliTrac's free training & advanced system setup. We discovered we could do so much more with the system.


"We got fined for forgetting to pay road tax"

We discovered that IntelliTrac included (free of charge) a vehicle register that keeps track of many things including road tax, insurance & servicing, & reminds us when they are due.


"In came a speed camera fine"

Who was driving the vehicle? Were we really speeding?
IntelliTrac came to the rescue and proved that the 145kph speeding fine was due to a faulty camera and the vehicle was only travelling at 85kph in a 100kph zone.

That forced us to look into driver identification systems. Now we know who is driving our vehicles at any time and we can also monitor employee driving behaviour.


"I've used other systems in the past, but this is the most comprehensive"

IntelliTrac has all the features, reporting, dashboards & analysis tools you could ever imagine to get your business working more efficiently. However it also has great software to run your business, manage your clients, allocate & co-ordinate work.


"No more Scrappy Paper Work"
We now use IntelliTrac for works scheduling, route optimisation, navigation & allocation. Our drivers use the Bizzow Job Dispatch App which sends them their jobs each day and takes care of all the compliance forms including WHS. Bizzow has eliminated paperwork & made our life a breeze.


We also provide great customer service by letting our clients track our vehicles when we are on the way.
"Just like Grab our clients can see how far away our driver is".

Imagine the business insights

Get a birdseye view of your business to help improve efficiency, productivity & customer service. Track your vehicles to improve fleet operations, maximise vehicle utilisation as well as increase field staff safety and productivity whilst encouraging safer driving. Even our most basic solutions offer the greatest range of features in the industry that go well beyond simple dots on a map.

  •   Live Tracking
  •   Vehicle Activity Reports
  •   All your vehicle data including road tax & insurance in one spot
  •   IntelliTrac Messenger Service
  •   Build your own reports
  •   Insurance Due Alerts
  •   Driver behaviour dashboards
  •   Fatigue Management Alerts
  •   Route Planning & Optimisation
  •   Journey Replay
  •   Vehicle Activity Alerts
  •   All your driver information including licencing in one spot
  •   Automated Reports Scheduling
  •   Vehicle service due alerts
  •   Rego & CTP due alerts
  •   Vehicle utilisation dashboards
  •   Fuel Card Usage Reporting
  •   Client "Track me on my way"

Imagine the connectivity of live data

IntelliTrac's iOS and Android apps allow staff, managers and business owners to be kept informed in the field. Imagine running your business from your phone.

IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Telematics Apps

Stay Informed In The Field

  •   Live Vehicle Locations
  •   Vehicle Activity Reports
  •   Message the office
  •   Insurance Due Alerts
  •   Driver behaviour dashboards
  •   Fuel Tax Credits Reporting
  •   Fuel Card Usage Reporting
  •   Journey Replay
  •   Vehicle Activity Alerts
  •   Message other drivers
  •   Vehicle service due alerts
  •   Rego & CTP due alerts
  •   Vehicle activity dashboards
  •   FBT Trip Logging

Let your clients track your vehicles when they are on their way with our
"Share my location" link
"Just like Grab your clients can see how far away your driver is"

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Imagine What You Can Achieve

  •   Basic Vehicle Tracking
  •   Driver behaviour monitoring score cards
  •   SOS buttons & remote pendants
  •   Engine Management Monitoring
  •   Cargo Temperature Monitoring
  •   PTO monitoring
  •   Artificial Intelligence Dash & Driver Safety Cameras - Providing Driver Fatigue & Distraction Monitoring & Alerts, Frontal Collision, Lane Departure, Monitoring & Alerts, Speed Limit Sign Recognition with Alerts
  •   Driver Identification
  •   Live Electronic Driver Behaviour "in cabin" coaching
  •   Rollover & Accident detection
  •   Tyre Pressure Monitoring
  •   Vehicle Weight Monitoring
  •   Recorded & Live Streamed Video
  •   Data Terminals - Pre Start Checklist, Electronic Fatigue Management Work Diaries, Mass Management Declarations, Truck Navigation with Live Traffic, Job Dispatch, Sign on glass, Photos, Forms and more
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Our Modules & Software Act As One

IntelliTrac telematics technology is modular, flexible and scaleable allowing you to start with a basic GPS tracking solution and as your business grows, scale up with to a leading edge system which includes options such as live video, engine management monitoring, internet connected tablets and more.

IntelliTrac GPS Tracking Telematics

Scalable GPS Tracking Solutions

At IntelliTrac we provide simple low cost solutions for small business as well as customised high end solutions for corporate & government. Our solutions are flexible & scalable. View live locations, generate replays, alerts, reports & analytics.

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Plant & Equipment GPS
Tracking Solutions

Monitoring bobcats & excavators with our industrial IP66 graded GPS Trackers, provides peace of mind against theft, whilst monitoring working hours, floats & engine hours, providing proactive servicing alerts & records.

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Business Apps
Work Scheduling, Forms

Our Bizzow Business Solutions allow business to keep track of their clients, contacts, jobs and forms all in one easy to use solution which is flexible & scalable as your business grows to include, billable items, invoices and quoting tools.

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Compliance, HSE
Road Safety

Our saftey solutions provide you the peace of mind to make sure drivers & vehicles are safe on the road. Keep Malaysia safe with IntelliTrac's Driver ID, Fatigue Management, Pre-Start Checks, Mass Management, & Driver Behaviour Analysis.

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GPS Tracking Helping Your Business Grow

Small Business
Medium Business
Mining, Oil & Gas

With IntelliTrac
We Watched
Our Business Grow

  • Fleet Utilisation Analysis
  • Analytics & Optimisation
  • Driving Improvement
  • Lost Time Reduction

Scaled Their Solution
As Our Business Grew

"From dots on a map, our solution scaled to provide automated fleet management reporting, utilisation & trend analytics, CoR compliance, job dispatch & more"

Our GPS Trackers - Set The Standards

We design & manufacture our GPS Trackers to be fine tuned with our software apps.
That's why our Fleet Management solutions work so well.

IntelliTrac Easy OBDII GPS Tracker


OBDII Plug & Go GPS Tracker

Our "Easy" plug & play OBDII GPS tracker, simply plugs into most 12V vehicles to provide live tracking, reporting, alerts & driver behaviour analysis as required by company cars & Insurance Telematics. Advanced circuits can detect & alert against tampering.

IntelliTrac Evo GPS Tracker


Small Business GPS Tracker

IntelliTrac Evo is a professionally installed entry level GPS Tracker providing live tracking, reporting, driver behaviour analysis & alerts as required by most small to medium business. Evo is suitable for Passenger, SUV & Light Commercial Vehicles.

IntelliTrac Elite GPS Tracker


Corporate & Government Telematics

IntelliTrac Elite is our top of the range GPS Tracker providing the ability to monitor up to 20 inputs, control 10 outputs, interface into engine management, scales & terminals, as well as RS232, USB, bluetooth & Iridium satcomms & live video streaming.

Choose IntelliTrac & Get Lots of Awesome Features

Join thousands of clients getting great results in their business with IntelliTrac

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Why You Should Choose IntelliTrac

We are Australian Owned
We Design, Develop & Manufacture

IntelliTrac Hawk Dashboard

We Are Experts in GPS Tracking Solutions

GIS Mapping Data & Systems Integrations
Local Government Waste, Sweeping, Road Grading, Mowing, Car Pooling, Fleet & Plant Solutions,
State Government Emergency Services & Public Transport Solutions,
Insurance Telematics Solutions
Small Business Trades & Field Service Solutions


  • Reputation & Proven Record

    "No one has ever been sacked for buying IntelliTrac"
    We have been in business since 1987 & pioneering GPS Tracking since 1998. We simply do it better & have diverse hardware engineering & software development teams to continuously improve our products & software, ensuring your business is always using the best available technology & getting the desired results.

  • It Works

    IntelliTrac manufactures the devices, develops the software & also develops its own mapping technology using official government supplied mapping data. That means we are in control of the whole solution supply chain, making it our sole responsibility to keep solutions operating at peak performance. We have full accountability to provide you a 100% working solution.

  • Value For Money

    Choosing IntelliTrac means that the technology developed in the deployment of large corporate & government solutions is passed down to small business. It means you are buying the best gps tracker Australia has to offer at the best possible prices.

Combining Your Work Order Management
With GPS Tracking

Join organisations around the world combining IntelliTrac GPS Tracking with Bizzow Business Management Software.
Bizzow is an IntelliTrac company taking business to the next level in achieving seamless efficiency and productivity in a paperless environment.

Learn More About Bizzow

Add Job Scheduling & Dispatch

As your business grows and you start getting real benefits from your GPS tracking solution, why not add Bizzow.
Bizzow is a modular, flexible & scaleable CRM, field service and job dispatch management web app which suits all business big or small. From sole traders to multi national organisations, as your business grows, so does Bizzow.

  •   Schedule & Assign Jobs
  •   Client Company Data
  •   Client Contacts Data
  •   Staff Data
  •   Vehicle Data
  •   GPS Location Data
  •   Route Optimise Mapping Jobs & Staff
  •   Monitor Job Progress
  •   Job/Task/Project Data
  •   Billable Items Data
  •   Invoices & Quotes
  •   Workflow Automation Data
  •   Automated Emails & SMS
  •   Urgent Job Closest Vehicle Allocation
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Take it up a notch with Bizzow

Bizzow Dashboard

Schedule, Assign & Monitor Work

No More Scappy Paperwork

Eliminate Paper Job Sheets & Forms

Bizzow Job Dispatch FSM App

Bizzow In The Field

Simply log into the app and get your jobs for the day. Eliminate paperwork and unnecessary calls. Work smarter and get control of your business.

  •   View Allocated Jobs
  •   Start,Pause, End Job
  •   Complete Electronic Forms
  •   Take Photos
  •   Take Job Notes
  •   Take Signatures
  •   Allocate Parts Used
  •   Navigate to Jobs
  •   View Documents
  •   Schedule Jobs
  •   View Client Data
  •   Call Clients
  •   Quote & Invoice
  •   GPS Track Vehicles
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We hold your hand From Consultancy to Completion

GPS Telematics Consulting

At IntelliTrac we aim to understand your business & processes as well as your budget before recommending a solution. We believe that by partnering with our clients & building their success we build our own. Our aim is to build long term relationships with our clients by providing leading edge, reliable, affordable solutions, that provide real benefits to our customers, backed by excellent customer service & support.

GPS Fleet Tracking Software Setup

IntelliTrac provides your organisation with a smooth transition into GPS satellite tracking & telematics technology by configuring in vehicle telematics devices & software on your behalf. We provide a turn key approach to implementing GPS tracking solutions within your business. We supply you usernames and passwords. All your staff need to do is log in and start using the system.

GPS Telematics Installation

At IntelliTrac our professional automotive technicians come to your premises to install GPS tracking devices & required peripherals professionally & efficiently. Our technicians are project managed by our Bizzow apps which provide full transparency to our clients including time on site, WHS & QA forms & check lists, photographs of workmanship & client sign off. We use the software solutions we sell.

GPS Telematics & Tracking Training Classes

We provide training on all our solutions. Small & Medium Sized businesses will be provided generic online training manuals &training videos. Corporate & Government departments may be provided classroom training. At anytime you may request training from our training department. These training sessions are conducted online via webinars or via one on one sessions.

Fleet Utilisation

Driver behaviour

Fuel Usage Reduction

Work Health & Safety Improvement

Customer Service
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    (Soho Office)     Jalan SS16/1, 47500,Subang Jaya
  •   Selangor D.E, Malaysia
  •   +60 3 5885 6227
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About Us

We are committed to developing & bringing to market leading edge, reliable, affordable products & software solutions, that provide real benefits to our customers, backed by excellent customer service & support.

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